Easily manage your financials
with Dynamics 365 Business Central


Popular accounting features


Costs and revenues are monitored analytically using dimensions

365 Business Central - Analytical Accounting

Budgets can be tracked per general ledger account and per dimension

365 Business Central - Budget Management

Automatically generate reminders based on configurable rules

365 Business Central - Reminder Management

Monitor all your assets, including depreciations

365 Business Central - Fixed Asset Management

Popular apps and integrations for accounting

Expand your capabilities with business apps and integrations, designed for your sector 
Let your software evolve and pay only for what you need


What if my accountant works with different software?

The advantage for you to centralize all your critical data in one solution is significant. Most accounting solutions offer no or limited functionalities to manage other parts of your business. When your accountant doesn't work with Business Central, it's not a problem. They get a free license and export everything they need in Excel, CSV,  or via UBL format. 

Do I risk losing data when I change software?

That depends on how old your current software is. We advise creating a copy first before you start migrating your data.  Thanks to the integration with Office 365, you can also create and modify data entries directly with Excel.

Can I get help migrating my data?

Yes. You get free access to our growing online knowledge base. We also offer services to help you with your set-up and data migration. Please contact an expert for more info.

Can I access data and reports on my tablet and smartphone?

Yes. The application is compatible with all main browsers. The mobile version offers a consistent experience across Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It covers both tablets and smartphones.

Can I create sales invoices in batch?

Yes, Business Central supports batch invoicing. Per customer or customer group, you can indicate whether to create separate invoices per order or combine different orders on the same invoice. 

Can I automate my reminders?

Yes. Reminders can be fully automated and automation rules can be customized. 

Will my bank statements be imported automatically?

Yes. You can import bank statements (CODA) through your banking software or one of your local solution providers. 

Do you support image recognition to scan incoming invoices?

Yes. It's not a standard feature, but Powerblox provides a Business App for it. Check out the Business Apps section on our website for more info.

Unlike some of our competitors' scanning features, this app is based on actual Image Recognition technology. Invoices are not being processed manually in low-wage countries. This means invoices are processed faster, with higher accuracy, and at a lower cost.

Can my closing statements be prepared with Business Central?

Yes. Closing statements can be configured according to government specifications. The report can be printed and exported to Excel or PDF.


Does Business Central support my local tax declarations?

Yes. All official declarations (Tax and VAT) are supported. If the process is automated by your local governmentyou will be able to export the file you need to upload on their online platform.

Can I get training?

Yes. You get free access to our growing online knowledge base. We also offer training services. Please contact an expert for more info. 

Software implementations take too long and cost too much. So we fixed it.

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365 Business Central - Customer quote
365 Business Central - Customer quote
365 Business Central - Customer quote

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